The Longest Final: A Cherry Blossom Epilogue

Apr 16, 2023 | 2200z 0100z

Event Archived

This event has passed and is now in a read-only archived state.

Presented by ZDC

During the Cherry Blossom event in 2020, also known as the Wild West era for VATUSA, an unnamed controller offered all the aircraft flying into DCA a tour of Fredericksburg, VA which is about 40 miles south of DCA airport before clearing them onto the approach: Due to this, the Washington Virtual ARTCC has unofficially named any long finals after this controller.

This time, the Washington Virtual ARTCC invites you to revisit this historical event by departing from RIC and ORF and entering the final approach course of Runway 1 into DCA, no matter the wind.

Callsign Controller Position Radio Name Frequency
JAX_CTR HS - Howard Snider Jacksonville Center - Unassigned TBD
MYR_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
SAV_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
JAX_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
CAE_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
MYR_TWR Unassigned Tower TBD
MYR_GND Unassigned Ground TBD
SAV__TWR Unassigned Tower TBD
SAV_GND Unassigned Ground TBD
JAX_TWR Unassigned Jacksonville Tower 118.300
JAX_GND Unassigned Jacksonville Ground 121.900
CAE_TWR Unassigned Tower TBD
CAE_GND Unassigned Ground TBD