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Top June Controllers

By Number of Hours
1st Place Peter May - C1 95:28 Hours
2nd Place Nicholas Mcdowell - S3 82:38 Hours
3rd Place Howard Snider - C3 77:54 Hours
4th Place Mike Bencivenga - C1 56:05 Hours
5th Place Jeremy Lemrond - S2 47:10 Hours


Important Annoucements for All Controllers

June 24, 2022

AIRAC 2005 Rev 1

June 24, 2022

Position Posting: ZJX Webmaster

June 24, 2022

Position Posting: ZJX Training Adminstrator

June 24, 2022

SOP Update

Upcoming Events

Events in or supported by the ZJX ARTCC

VATUSA Presents: American Night Operations
Jul 01, 2022

4th of July Pre-Party
Jul 02, 2022

The Virtual Fort Worth ARTCC Presents: The Summer Sizzle FNO 2022
Jul 08, 2022

The City in the Forest
Jul 09, 2022

VATUSA Presents: Hidden Gateways

VATUSA Presents: Hidden Gateways
Jul 15, 2022

Recent Promotions

Michael Bencivenga - C1
Ian Bowen - S1
Andrew Pollack - S3

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