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Welcome to the Virtual Jacksonville ARTCC.
Virtual Jacksonville ARTCC is a community of VATSIM Controllers from around the world joining in a common goal of providing realistic Air Traffic Control to those who are on the VATSIM network. From the Sandy Beaches of Myrtle Beach to Theme Park Capital of the World in Orlando, to the Home of the renowed Blue Angels at Pensacola, our airfields offer some of the most interesting and fun places to visit.
More than just some great airfields are our great controllers who train to provide a quality experience so that everyone from a new pilot to the more experienced ones have a great oppertunity. We are always looking for more to join us. Feel free to signup today on the VATUSA website at VATUSA.NET.
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569:56 Hours Controlled This Month

Top Controller: Nicholas Mcdowell
Nicholas has controlled 79:30 hours this month
Honorable Mention: Howard Snider
Howard has controlled 65:04 hours this month
3rd Honors Cole Hanson
Cole has controlled 44:27 hours this month