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Top May Controllers

By Number of Hours
1st Place Ayler Cruz - C1 41:38 Hours
2nd Place Peter May 37:45 Hours
3rd Place Max Manuel 36:30 Hours
4th Place Damien Lunior 34:14 Hours
5th Place Alex Sudiswa 33:10 Hours


Important Annoucements for All Controllers

April 16, 2022

ZJX Training Policy and Guidelines

April 13, 2022

ZJX En Route SOP Update

April 1, 2022

Position Posting: ZJX Training Adminstrator

Upcoming Events

Events in or supported by the ZJX ARTCC

Saturday Night in the Queen City
Jun 04, 2022

Brain vs Braun
Jun 11, 2022

SWTEE at PEachtree
Jun 21, 2022

Controllers Online

Center Controllers Online
TRACON Controllers Online
MCO_E_APP 00:45
Damien Lunior - S3
CAB Controllers Online
MCO_W_GND 01:03
Grant Bowman - S1
MCO_M_GND 00:56
Mike Bencivenga - S3

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