Preakness Stakes Fly-In

May 14, 2022 | 2300z 0300z

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Presented by ZDC

Every spring, the Kentucky Derby kicks off the Triple Crown, a group of horse races that forms the 3 biggest horse races in the United States. Following the Kentucky Derby, the horses and fans come to Baltimore, Maryland to watch the second of the three races, the Preakness Stakes. Join ZDC on May 14th as we staff up Baltimore-Washington International airport (BWI) from 2300-0300z for the Preakness Stakes Fly-In. After you land, head over to Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore to watch the 147th annual Preakness Stakes. Will there be a triple crown winner this year? Join us at the Preakness to find out!

Callsign Controller Position Radio Name Frequency
JAX_30_CTR BE - Michael Burke Jacksonville Center - NEPTA 135.925
JAX_35_CTR PM - Peter May
MCO_E_APP MB - Mike Bencivenga Orlando Approach - Departure Radar East 124.800
JAX_N_APP SU - Spencer Sprinzen Jacksonville Approach - Radar North 127.00
MCO_E_TWR AP - Andrew Pollack Orlando Tower - East 118.450
MCO_W_GND NA - Nicholas Ader Orlando Ground - West 121.800
JAX_TWR JA - Juan Alcala Jacksonville Tower 118.300
JAX_GND GB - Grant Bowman Jacksonville Ground 121.900
JAX_DEL IR - Ivan Rusalsky Jacksonville Clearance Delivery 119.500
MCO_DEL Unassigned Orlando Clearance Delivery 134.700