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[ZJX] Halloween Horror Ops


Zulu : Sunday Oct 02, 2022, 2200z - 0100z


GTOUT while you still can! ZJX is hosting Halloween Horror Ops fearing MCO. MCO will be fully staffed from 2200z to 0100z. We will have all your scary flight ops including Simultaneous Approaches and ScaRNAV off the ground. Come join us for an evening of thrills and chills!

Positions Assignments

Center Positions
JAX_10_CTR Simon Ramirez
JAX_15_CTR Ayler Cruz
JAX_30_CTR Howard Snider
JAX_50_CTR Unassigned

Tracon Positions
MCO_G_APP Michael Burke
MCO_L_APP Case Tatro
MCO_B_APP Peter May
MCO_E_DEP Damien Lunior

Cab Positions
MCO_E_TWR Juan Alcala
MCO_W_TWR Jeremy Lemrond
MCO_E_GND Alex Sudiswa
MCO_W_GND Jake Smith
MCO_DEL Robert Mayer