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[ZJX, TPC] Fly-In Thursday: Savannah, GA!


Zulu : Thursday Sep 08, 2022, 2300z - 0200z


The Pilot Club is coming back to the Lowcountry! Join us on Thursday September 8th from 2300z-0200z and fly into Savannah Airport with your biz jets, and the smaller Hilton Head (KHXD) airport for all you GA loving folks! The bulk of the traffic will be coming in between 0100z-0200z so that's your window to hit if you want the join the conga line!! Come out and enjoy some beautiful Lowcountry views on a Thursday night!!

Event Fields: Savannah (KSAV) & Hilton Head (KHXD)

Date and Time: Thursday September 8th 2300Z-0200Z (7PM - 10PM ET)

Positions Assignments

Center Positions
JAX_CTR Unassigned
JAX_30_CTR Simon Ramirez
JAX_35_CTR Nick Humphreys
JAX_53_CTR Ayler Cruz

Tracon Positions
SAV_APP Unassigned
JAX_APP Donald Kowalewski
CHS_APP Unassigned
NBC_APP Unassigned
VLD_APP Unassigned
SAV_N_APP Damien Lunior
SAV_S_APP Nicholas Mcdowell

Cab Positions
SAV_TWR Cole Hanson
SAV_GND Michael Reyes
SAV_DEL Unassigned
HXD_TWR Unassigned
HXD_GND Unassigned