ZJX Presents: TRACON Thursday - Jacksonville

Jun 09, 2022 | 2200z 0100z

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Presented by ZJX

Come join the Jacksonville ARTCC as we continue our monthly TRACON Thursday series. Where are we going this month? This month we will featuring the lovely TRACON of Jacksonville, FL! We will be staffing up Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala and St. Augustine for your pleasure! Come fly into out of and around with us!


Date and time: Thursday 09 June 2022, 2200Z-0100Z (6-9PM EDT)

Callsign Controller Position Radio Name Frequency
JAX_35_CTR BE - Michael Burke
JAX_30_CTR PM - Peter May Jacksonville Center - NEPTA 135.925
JAX_N_APP AV - Adam Veall Jacksonville Approach - Radar North 127.00
JAX_W_APP Unassigned Jacksonville Approach - Radar West 127.775
JAX_E_APP Unassigned Jacksonville Approach - Radar East 132.775
JAX_J_APP SD - Simon Ramirez Jacksonville Approach - Radar Final 119.850
JAX_S_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
JAX_V_APP AC - Ayler Cruz Departure/Approach TBD
ANY_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
JAX_TWR NA - Nicholas Ader Jacksonville Tower 118.300
JAX_GND BB - Ben Baker Jacksonville Ground 121.900
OCF_TWR PH - Paul Heller Tower TBD
OCF_GND Unassigned Ground TBD
GNV_TWR DR - Damien Lunior Tower TBD
GNV_GND MR - Michael Reyes Ground TBD
SGJ_TWR JM - Jeremy Lemrond Tower TBD
SGJ_GND Unassigned Ground TBD
ANY_TWR Unassigned Tower TBD
ANY_GND Unassigned Ground TBD