ZJX wants YOU to become a mentor!

Jacksonville ARTCC

ZJX wants YOU to become a mentor!

ZJX wants YOU to become a mentor!

We realize there is a backlog in training, and quite frankly there may always be one in a way, so to help with this we are opening the door to anyone who is interested in joining the training department. Those who apply now will be put through an accelerated MIT course to get you acclimated to the training department and the behind-the-scenes things that come with the position. “What do I get out of this?” you may ask. Firstly, whatever you are making now at ZJX we will give you a 25% raise. Secondly, and most importantly, you will have the opportunity to become a leader, a moderator, and mentor in its most true meaning. Mentors have the distinct ability to help shape ZJX into the shining star it is quickly becoming. As you teach our incoming members you will find yourself learning more than you already know thus making you an even better controller and you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment as you help the friends you make here progress in their VATSIM career! Did I mention you’ll get your name engraved on the website under the staff tab? (very cool).


  • Be a home controller who holds an S2 rating or above

Tier 1 (MCO certs) or;

100 + hours as an S2 without Tier 1 certs

  • Be a visiting controller with an S3 rating or above

Tier 1 certs up to MCO TWR 

  • Be able to give 4 hours a month to the training department (~2 lessons)
  • Have patience, understanding, and good people skills
  • Have the motivation and enthusiasm for this hobby as to not bore your students to death

The more help the training department gets the faster everyone advances through the ratings. If you are interested/have any questions feel free to reach out to Connor O'Brien or tag him in the training chat on the discord.