Virtual USA Flying Club Presents: What are you gonna do now?

Jan 15, 2022 | 2359z 0300z

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Presented by Virtual USA Flying Club

This is a group event focused on KORL, we will have pilots flying into and potentially out of KORL for the duration of the event. Any staffing you can provide is appreciated!

This event is running at the same time as ZTLs Honoring the Dream event so MCO Cab and Tracon should be covered. I am posting in here for F11 Satellite and ORL cab positions.

Center Assignments

(0 Available)

  • No positions posted...

TRACON Assignments

(0 Available)

  • MCO_D_APP - Ayler Cruz

Cab Assignments

(0 Available)

  • ORL_TWR - John Tenney
  • ORL_GND - Charles Dolan