Showcase Sunday: Charleston Intl. (KCHS)

Jan 23, 2022 | 2000z 2300z

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Presented by ZJX

Looking for somewhere warmer to fly this holiday season? Come check out the fabulous Lowcountry featuring the beautiful Charleston Intl. Airport on our Showcase Sunday! Come check out some beautiful views of the South Carolina countryside as you enjoy some wonderful ATC. So you bring the Pistons, turboprops and jets. And we'll bring the great Sweet Tea!

Center Assignments

(1 Available)

  • JAX_30_CTR - Unassigned

TRACON Assignments

(0 Available)

  • CHS_E_APP - Ross Berry
  • CHS_W_APP - Zackaria Bomenir

Cab Assignments

(0 Available)

  • CHS_TWR - Ayler Cruz
  • CHS_GND - Max Manuel
  • CHS_DEL - Mark Green