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[ZTL, Kingston FIR] Jamaica 60 Saga Event & ZDC A Day on The Bay


Zulu : Sunday Aug 14, 2022, 2300z - 0300z


There is a Jamaica-KATL overflight event and a ZDC Support event at the same time. We are looking for 2 centers for sequencing into ZDC and ZTL. Event info below:

JAMAICA 60th Saga
Host: ZTL / Kingston

From the city of Hotlanta down to the Land of wood and water, join the virtual Atlanta ARTCC and The Kingston FIR with their Jamaica 60th Saga event.

Jamaica is celebrating 60 years of independence on August 6, 2022, and Kingston and Atlanta are bringing the celebrations to the virtual network On August 7th 2022, Join us don`t delay fire up that Air jamaica Bird & go back in history to 1962 & have some fun

See you all there

A Day on The Bay
Host: ZDC

Summer is in full swing, and there's no better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than flying low and slow along and over the Chesapeake Bay as ZDC staffs up some of the most scenic and beautiful airports on the Eastern Shore. We will be staffing Newport News (KPHF) and Easton Airfield (KESN) for GA enthusiasts who enjoy flying into towered fields, and Norfolk International (KORF) for those airliner pilots out there. Tangier Island Airport (KTGI), a picturesque field situated right in the middle of the Chesapeake, Chesapeake Bay Airport (KCPK), and Bay Bridge Airport (W29) will also be featured for those who like non-towered fields. We hope you join us for a day on the bay!

Positions Assignments

Center Positions
JAX_33_CTR Unassigned
JAX_50_CTR Unassigned
JAX_35_CTR Unassigned
JAX_30_CTR Unassigned

Tracon Positions
MCO_APP Unassigned
JAX_APP Unassigned
ANY_APP Unassigned

Cab Positions
MCO_GND Unassigned
MCO_TWR Unassigned
JAX_GND Unassigned
JAX_TWR Unassigned