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Jamaica 60 Saga Event & ZDC A Day on The Bay


Event details

Callsign Controller Position Radio Name Frequency
JAX_33_CTR Unassigned Jacksonville Center - GENEVA 125.050
JAX_50_CTR Unassigned Jacksonville Center - ALMA 135.975
JAX_35_CTR Unassigned
JAX_30_CTR Unassigned Jacksonville Center - NEPTA 135.925
MCO_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
JAX_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
ANY_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
MCO_GND Unassigned Orlando Ground - TBD TBD
MCO_TWR Unassigned Orlando Tower - TBD TBD
JAX_GND Unassigned Jacksonville Ground 121.900
JAX_TWR Unassigned Jacksonville Tower 118.300