VATUSA Presents: American Night Operations

Presented by: VATUSA

Event Time: Jul 01, 2022 | 2300z - 0300z

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and VATUSA is celebrating this Open Mic Night with an 'American Night Operations'. We encourage all pilots to fly with an American Airlines call sign (AAL) the evening of July 1. VATUSA will be partnering with multiple VATSIM recognized American Airlines VAs to make the night as patriotic as possible. The event will officially begin at 2300z (7pm ET).

Positions Assignments

Center Positions
JAX_30_CTR Unassigned

Tracon Positions
MCO_E_APP Unassigned
JAX_N_APP Unassigned
ANY_APP Unassigned

Cab Positions
MCO_E_TWR Unassigned
MCO_W_GND Unassigned
JAX_TWR Unassigned
JAX_GND Unassigned
MCO_DEL Unassigned
JAX_DEL Unassigned
ANY_GND Unassigned
ANY_TWR Unassigned