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VATSTAR 7th Anniversary Group Flight!

Presented by: VATSTAR, ZJX

Event Time: Jun 25, 2022 | 1800z - 2300z

We're very pleased to announce the 7th annual Anniversary Flight for VATSTAR will be occurring on Saturday 6/25/2022! The flight will feature departures from uncontrolled and controlled airports, with a new registration method to assign departure times to avoid back-log of departures. Keep your eyes peeled for our Registration Information event with more information about how to get your slot, along with sponsorship information as it's coordinated. Thank you for flying with us!

Positions Assignments

Center Positions
JAX_30_CTR Peter May

Tracon Positions
JAX_N_APP Donald Kowalewski
DAB_H_APP Unassigned
DAB_L_APP Unassigned
MCO_E_APP Damien Lunior
MCO_D_APP Unassigned
ANY_APP Unassigned

Cab Positions
JAX_TWR Nicholas Ader
JAX_GND Max Manuel
JAX_DEL Unassigned
DAB_TWR Unassigned
DAB_GND Unassigned
MLB_TWR Adam Veall
MLB_GND Matias Lottinville
TIX_TWR Unassigned
TIX_GND Unassigned
ANY_TWR Unassigned
ANY_GND Unassigned