SWTEE at PEachtree

Jun 21, 2022 | 2300z 0300z

Event Archived

This event has passed and is now in a read-only archived state.

Presented by ZTL

Join ZTL as we celebrate the start of Summer on June 21st at 2300z. Sweet Tea, a staple of the Southeast, is featured on the SWTEE2 arrival into Peachtree (PDK), Fulton County (FTY), McCollum (RYY), and Gwinett (LZU).

6/21 @ 2300z

Callsign Controller Position Radio Name Frequency
JAX_30_CTR BE - Michael Burke Jacksonville Center - NEPTA 135.925
MCO_E_APP CC - Case Tatro Orlando Approach - Departure Radar East 124.800
JAX_N_APP Unassigned Jacksonville Approach - Radar North 127.00
ANY_APP Unassigned Departure/Approach TBD
MCO_E_TWR Unassigned Orlando Tower - East 118.450
MCO_W_GND NA - Nicholas Ader Orlando Ground - West 121.800
MCO_DEL Unassigned Orlando Clearance Delivery 134.700
JAX_TWR Unassigned Jacksonville Tower 118.300
JAX_GND CL - Christopher Loman Jacksonville Ground 121.900
JAX_DEL CH - Cole Hanson Jacksonville Clearance Delivery 119.500
ANY_TWR Unassigned Tower TBD
ANY_GND Unassigned Ground TBD