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[ZTL] Pilots License


Zulu : Saturday Sep 03, 2022, 2300z - 0300z


Last year we featured a parody of Vanessa Carlton with Macon My Way Downtown. This year we've got something new.

Please join us as we staff Atlanta (KATL) on September 3rd, 2022 starting at 2300z.

Positions Assignments

Center Positions
JAX_30_CTR Simon Ramirez
JAX_35_CTR Unassigned
JAX_50_CTR Peter May
JAX_I_CTR Ayler Cruz

Tracon Positions
JAX_N_APP Jeremy Lemrond
MCO_E_APP Kyle Perry

Cab Positions
MCO_E_TWR Nicholas Ader
MCO_W_GND Max Manuel
JAX_TWR Alex Sudiswa
JAX_GND Alex Melia
MCO_DEL Damien Lunior